3/4 sleeve sweatshirt - white and black

3/4 sleeve sweatshirt - white and black

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Прегледи и тестове 3/4 sleeve sweatshirt - white and black 5904152296425 може да се намери в конкретен магазин.


100% COTTON. Повече за продукта

85,99 лв.
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3/4 sleeve sweatshirt - white and black

100% COTTON.


Дамски топове и тениски Moodo


Cotton top with a frill - turquoise

100% COTTON Cotton top with a frill, round neckline with decorative double shoulder straps crossed on the back. Turquoise

10,99 лв.

Top basic - yellow

100% COTTON Cotton top with a deep V-neckline. Classic form, on thick straps. Color: yellow

14,99 лв.

Blouse with an asymmetrical neckline - lime green

95% COTTON 5% ELASTANE Cotton blouse with long sleeves. Tailored cut. Asymmetrical neckline revealing the shoulder. The most fashionable color of this season: juicy lime.

15,99 лв.

Blouse with a metallic trim

100% COTTON Graphite cotton t-shirt with short sleeves. On the left side, at the front, a pocket with a decorative metallic trim. Round neckline. The back is slightly extended.

16,99 лв.

Cotton T-shirt - yellow

100% COTTON Oversized cotton T-shirt, short sleeves with pleats, V-neck. Color: yellow

16,99 лв.

Blouse with a tie on the back - red

50% COTTON 50% MODAL Red, oversized cotton t-shirt. Stand-up collar. At the back of the neck, a V-neck with a binding.Short sleeve.

17,99 лв.

Shirt top type blouse

100% COTTON A loose-cut cotton shirt blouse. Round neckline with a binding. Buttons on the front. Short sleeves, revealing the shoulders. A delicate opening at the back. White color with...

18,99 лв.

Cotton blouse with the inscription - pink

100% COTTON Pink cotton blouse with long, narrow sleeves. On the front, the original inscription "time to shine" placed in a frame surrounded by silvery dots. Boat neckline, trimmed with...

19,99 лв.

Off-the-shoulder blouse - olive green

95% COTTON 5% ELASTANE Olive green blouse with short, raglan sleeves. Tight cut with bare shoulders. The model is made of elastic, ribbed cotton. Decorative strip with buttons in the...

19,99 лв.

Sleeveless striped shirt

100% VISCOSE White, loose-fitting shirt with colorful, horizontal stripes, no sleeves.V-neck, buttoned. There is a slight crease on the back. Two pockets on the front. Made of 100% viscose

19,99 лв.

T-shirt with bows on the sleeves - navy blue

100% COTTON Cotton t-shirt. Classic cut. Short sleeves adorned with a small bow, Round neckline with a slight ruffle. Navy blue.

20,99 лв.

Shirt top with a print - blue

100% VISCOSE Blouse top type, all over print with a floral motif. A slight crack at the back with a guik closure. Round, small neckline. Blue color

20,99 лв.

Pineapple print blouse - navy blue

60% COTTON 40% POLYESTER Dark blue, loose t-shirt, very pleasant to the touch. One-color print of pineapple on the whole. Classic, simple, sleeveless cut. V-neckline trimmed with piping. Drop shoulders...

20,99 лв.

Yellow blouse with bare shoulders

100% COTTON Plain yellow blouse with short, wide sleeves. Round neckline with a sewn in elastic, so you can wear it while opening your shoulders. Decorative binding in the sleeves...

20,99 лв.

Blouse with an application - black

60% COTTON 40% POLYESTER Blouse with a metallic print decorated with applications imitating black pearls. Short sleeves, round neckline. Black colour

21,99 лв.

Shirt blouse with a flower pattern

100% VISCOSE Blouse in a coral color. Alla over print with a flower pattern. Round neckline. Put on by the head. Short sleeves, with decorative slits that allow you to...

23,99 лв.

Cotton T-shirt with a print

100% COTTON Cotton t-shirt with an unusual pattern. White to the middle of the chest, sapphire green below. Black and white leopard print on the chest. The neckline and short...

23,99 лв.

Cotton T-shirt - yellow

100% COTTON Cotton blouse with a straight cut. Henley neckline. Openwork decorations at the front and back at the height of the shoulder blades. Short sleeve. The color is yellow.

25,99 лв.

Oversize blouse with an inscription

60% COTTON 40% POLYESTER Loose, beige blouse with a decorative front and a pleat on the back. 7/8 length sleeves with a dropped shoulder line. Round neckline. On the chest...

25,99 лв.

Shirt with a decorative front - navy blue

100% VISCOSE Dark blue shirt with a straight cut. V-neckline with a decorative pleat running along the entire length. Long sleeves that can be rolled up and fastened at the...

25,99 лв.